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Katti HoushmandfarInstagram: @cf_kattenhttps://www.instagram.com/cf_katten/
Short introductionKatti has been a part of Northern Spirit since the very beginning. On the question what Katti likes about us she replies ”For me it feels like family. I love how they value and take care of their ambassadors. I love how they always come up with news and that it feels like it never stops!”. Katti’s favourite exercise is Power Clean and when going through a hard core workout her tip is to ”pretend to be an Games Athlete!” On the question what she would put on her top three must-haves list she says ”there is no question about it - THE TIGHTS! In summer time shorts and during the winter the black hoodies. In the end she adds the following to the conversation; The clothes are so comfy and makes you feel pretty and pretty always makes you train harder!.
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