Knee Sleeves NS Leaves/White Pineapple Skull



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Knee Sleeves NS Leaves/White Pineapple Skull!

All of our knee sleeves are sold in pairs.

Made with the finest neoprene on the market, our sleeves are 5mm thick
to give you the support you need and accentuate your style.

Classic knee support that give joint compression. Provides support and
warmth. Relieves pressure and improves co-ordination.

Size Chart:
For sizing please measure 15 cm below the knee cap. Use the chart
below once you have your measurements.

30cm - 32 cm XS
32cm - 34cm - S
34cm - 36cm - M
36cm - 38cm - L
38cm - 40cm - XL


VectorCreated using Figma
Product typeKnee sleeves